Our Digital Promotion Service is designed to maximize your digital marketing by driving your target market to your Website and Social Media pages. 

Our selection of Digital Marketing products targets a wide range of disciplines and professions specific to
the Building & Construction Industry. Please click on the “Click Here” button below to complete a form for us to determine which of our Digital Promotion Service product(s) would best suite your marketing needs and budget.

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Digital Promotion Service Products

1. An A4 Interactive Promotion Page incorporating an ‘Active Banner’

We provide for the insertion of your A4 Interactive Promotion Page within specific Contracts and Agreements that are available in our Document Access Service. e.g. PROCSA and JBCC. An A4 Interactive Promotion Page incorporates an ‘Active Banner’ for readers to respond online, directly to your company.

Digital Promotion Service

Brochure – A4 Advertising in PROCSA Agreements
PROCSA Promotion Order Form
PROCSA Sample Document

In order to assist with cash-flow you have the option of paying monthly by Debit Order.

Example of an A4 Inter-Active page with an embedded Active Banner.

De Leeuw Advert page 0001

2. Digital Promotion Service Package 

Drive traffic to your service pages on your website! The e-CCN Digital Promotion Package is a combination of a promotion products that embraces the number of users accessing the Network, enabling them to access your services via your Inter-Active Banner and your channel on the Corporate Connection Service. See the detailed info on the on these components below. 

3. Corporate Connection Service

The e-CLOUD Construction Network (e-CCN) – Corporate Connection Service is designed for companies who wish to take advantage of the numbers of Users accessing the e-CLOUD Construction Network for promoting their Services. e-CCN users search for company specific services by accessing the various corporate categories listed on the Corporate Connection Services. 

Access the Corporate Connection Service here

4. Inter-Active Banners

Advertising Banners that are placed on Webpages of your choice and that are “Active” providing links to your own Web pages and Social Media sites and your e-mail and cell phone links.

‘Corporate’ Inter-Active Banners:

To see an example of a ‘Corporate’ Active Banner click on the banner below:

e-Cloud Active Banner www.e-cloud.co.za Click on the logo to go to our website. Click on the buttons to contact us.
Contracts on Demand (Pty) Ltd
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Contracts on Demand (Pty) Ltd

Providing Contract Law Services and developing and marketing electronic services designed to improve Project productivity.

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‘Products & Services’ Inter-Active Banners:

RIBCCS Product & Services Active Banner Website   Email   Facebook  LinkedIn 

5. CPD On-Demand Study Aid Vouchers

Companies and other organisations can now purchase Vouchers for their potential Clients, as marketing gifts for users to purchase ‘Study Aids’ for use within the CPD On-Demand service. Please click on the Voucher icon below to find out more. 

CPD On-Demand ‘Manufacturer Technical Data Sheets’

Placement of Manufacturer Technical Datasheets (Study Aids) are available within the CPD On-Demand service as a Model under category 3 CPD for Engineers and Architects. You can gain exposure for your products from the placement of your MTDS as a Study Aid within CPD On-Demand. Click on the below image to see an example of a MTD. 

Current e-CCN Promotors

To see the list of the companies and organisations promoting their products and services through the e-CLOUD Construction Network, please click here.

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