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Below are the companies and organisations that promote their products and services via the e-CLOUD Construction Network (e-CCN).
They share the e-CCN's views of increasing the Building & Construction Industry's
productivity and supporting anti-corruption initiatives.

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e-CCN Patrons

At E-Cloud Construction Network, our mission is to provide a wide range of services to all e-CCN Patrons and stakeholders within the built environment. These services include building developers, architects, consulting engineers, project managers, quantity surveyors, and other consultants, government departments, building contractors, building sub-contractors, and suppliers.

Contracts On-Demand

At the core of our company’s vision lies a clear and concise purpose: to create, manage, market, and deliver electronic services tailored specifically to meet the unique demands of the built environment industry. We are driven by a steadfast commitment to enhancing productivity for all stakeholders through our innovative cloud-based solutions and contract documentation services. Our ultimate objective is to ensure these offerings are easily accessible and user-friendly, empowering our valued customers to streamline their operations and concentrate on their core competencies.

Beyond our cutting-edge electronic services, we are resolute in our dedication to fostering continuous professional development within the industry. We recognize the paramount importance of ongoing education and training, and thus, we are committed to providing a comprehensive array of relevant and up-to-date courses for our esteemed clientele.

Our overarching mission and vision reflect a resolute dedication to delivering nothing short of excellence in services to all participants in the built environment sector. We are unwavering in our pursuit of improvement and innovation, constantly seeking new ways to elevate our offerings to ensure our customers have access to the finest services available, enabling them to thrive in their respective fields.

The focal point of our endeavors centers on the development, management, marketing, and sales of sophisticated computerized systems and services. These offerings are meticulously designed to facilitate seamless management and utilization of project documentation within the industry, encompassing a diverse range of essential components, such as client/consultant agreements and building contracts. We have expertly harmonized these services to capitalize on the exceptional productivity facilities provided by our Pro Suite Document Access Service, setting a new standard of efficiency and convenience.

As a testament to our commitment to education and growth, we have established a series of dynamic and enriching ‘Open’ and ‘Corporate’ Training Workshops annually since 2008. These workshops serve as vital platforms for knowledge exchange and skill enhancement, empowering industry professionals to stay at the forefront of advancements and emerging practices. In 2015, we expanded our training opportunities to include webinars, catering to the evolving needs of our diverse audience. Additionally, we introduced a groundbreaking service called CPD On-Demand, which revolutionizes the acquisition of CPD training and credits by providing accessible online options.

Our company’s journey is an ever-evolving one, fueled by our unwavering dedication to transforming the landscape of the built environment industry. We are driven by the belief that technology and education should work hand in hand to propel progress and elevate the capabilities of all industry stakeholders. We are resolute in our pursuit of excellence, consistently seeking new avenues to empower our customers and partners, thereby facilitating growth and success for all.

In conclusion, our unwavering commitment to the development, management, marketing, and sales of cutting-edge electronic services underscores our vision for the built environment industry. Through cloud-based solutions and contract documentation, we strive to empower our customers to achieve higher levels of productivity and efficiency. Our emphasis on continuous professional development further reinforces our mission to provide comprehensive and relevant training opportunities. As we forge ahead, we remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation, ensuring our services are nothing short of exceptional, and ultimately contributing to the success and advancement of the entire built environment sector.


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