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Webinars On-Demand

Is a service that enables your organisation to run webinars by taking advantage of our webinar system and expertise.

Contracts On-Demand® (COD) has for many years organised Training Workshops for the industry; gaining wide recognition for covering a wide range of subjects affecting the productiveness of the industry and attracting many high calibre speakers. For the past few years we have also built up experience and expertise in organising and running online webinars with a specially developed technology that tests the webinar delegates online after the webinar for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) qualification.

Voluntary Associations (VA's) Online CPD Training Cooperation Initiative

This opportunity is designed to complement your VA's CPD training activities in us cooperating with you in providing facilities and assistance in organising and hosting online Webinars and online Training Courses and in video recording these for featuring as 'Study Aids' in the CPD On-Demand Service on our e-CORE online training platform.

Webinars On-Demand

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At E-Cloud Construction Network, our mission is to provide a wide range of services to all stakeholders within the built environment. These services include building developers, architects, consulting engineers, project managers, quantity surveyors, and other consultants, government departments, building contractors, building sub-contractors, and suppliers.

Contracts On-Demand

Our vision is to develop, manage, market and sell electronic services that cater to the specific needs of the built environment industry. We are committed to increasing productivity for all stakeholders by providing cloud-based services and contract documentation. Our goal is to make these services easily accessible and user-friendly, allowing our customers to streamline their operations and focus on what they do best.

In addition to our electronic services, we are also dedicated to providing professional development training opportunities. We understand the importance of continued education and training within the industry, and we strive to offer our customers a range of relevant and up-to-date courses.

Overall, our mission and vision reflect our commitment to providing high-quality services to all stakeholders in the built environment. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and innovate, ensuring that our customers have access to the best possible services to help them succeed in their respective fields.

Our focus is towards the development, management, marketing, and sales of computerised systems and services that promote the easy management and use of project documentation in the industry such as client/consultant agreements and building contracts. These have been harmonized to take advantage of our Pro Suite Document Access Service productivity facilities.

In support of the above, Contracts On-Demand (COD) has developed and organised a series of ‘Open’ and ‘Corporate’ Training Workshops each year- since 2008. Webinars were introduced in 2015, as well as a new service called CPD On-Demand, enabling CPD training and credits to be earned online.


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Webinars On-Demand