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Our Company


Contracts On Demand (Pty) Ltd.

Is a prominent company operating in the building and construction industries. Over the past 15 years it has specialised in increasing productivity for built environment professionals, suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors.

Our Mission

To provide services to: building developers, architects, consulting engineers, project managers, quantity surveyors and other consultants, government departments, building contractors, building sub-contractors, and suppliers within the built environment.

Our Vision

- To develop, manage, market and sell electronic services which provide contract documentation and cloud-based services specifically designed to increase productivity.
- To organise, manage, market and sell professional development training opportunities.
- To provide to our clients an efficient means of marketing their products and services online.
- To partner with industry associations, professional bodies and other organisations working and operating within the built environment.

Our Focus

Our focus is towards the development, management, marketing, and sales of computerised systems and services that promote the easy management and use of project documentation in the industry such as client/consultant agreements and building contracts. These have been harmonized to take advantage of our Pro Suite Document Access Service productivity facilities.

In support of the above, Contracts On-Demand (COD) has developed and organised a series of ‘Open’ and ‘Corporate’ Training Workshops each year- since 2008. Webinars were introduced in 2015, as well as a new service called CPD On-Demand, enabling CPD training and credits to be earned online.

Industry Collaboration

As a matter of policy, COD collaborates with the industry’s professional institutes and associations in pursuing its goals. In 2012, COD integrated its products into a suite of services called e-CLOUD Construction®, and currently has over 16 000 registered users using these services. One of the systems developed by COD as part of e-CLOUD Construction® is called the e-DOCX Productivity System. It is the platform used for our ‘Document Access Services’. These currently are:

  • PROCSA Client/Consultant Agreements.
  • JBCC Building Contracts, Forms and Computational Certificates.
  • CESA Agreements
  • Construction Health & Safety Documents.
  • National Building Regulation Forms

Contracts On-Demand offers the following:

Principals of the business

Adrian Michie


Adrian is a qualified Building Engineering Service / Mechanical Engineer with management qualifications and experience in Consulting and Contracting. In recent years he has specialized in the development of electronic services with the delivery of information via ITC systems. He has also worked for Research and Information organizations including the Building Services Research & Information Association (BSRIA) UK and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) SA.

Cliff Hayim


Cliff is a qualified registered and practicing Quantity Surveyor with experience in various property fields including developing a range of software applications used by the industry as a whole. He also lectures at WITS University.