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Webinar Calendar

Our professional development Webinars are specially designed with subject matter for all built environment professionals. The Webinar series accommodates all of your training needs, whether you choose an office or home environment. Webinars are scheduled throughout the year and are delivered using the Zoom® Webinar service. Most qualify for CPD Category 1 credits, and require the completion of an online Quiz (test) after each Webinar session. Students and those requiring RPL can now purchase Virtual Seats for these Webinars.

SAIA Webinars


Aspects of the new SAIA Compendium of Practice Guidelines are presented with particular reference to: ‘How Projects Start’ This is a presentation of a grouping of documents selected as being part of an initial understanding of the necessary preparation by Consultants when planning for the first encounter with a Client on a new project.

This presentation describes the procedures involved for the architect to show the potential Client the extent of their responsibilities, and:–Why do you need me?

The law requires the employment of competent persons to be employed to oversee, with registered professional competence, all building developments. Effectively, this means that architects or project managers need to be employed as their Client’s agent to fulfill the objectives that have been set out and described as the overall intention, and specifics to be achieved in a new building project, or the adaptation, the provision for alterations and additions to an existing property. Key to the overall understanding, is the fact that the building delivery process usually takes a great deal of time, as there is considerable involvement of a large series of obstacles and approvals to be achieved.

Presenter: Ian Alexander

Ian was born in Kimberley, matriculated in Port Elizabeth, graduated at UCT in 1964, practiced in two big practices until 1997 and in his own until 2021. Ian began representing SAIA from as early as 1977 joined the PIA from the inception of the new dispensation in 1995. Many large building projects were completed successfully, including the Heerengracht Hotel in 1969 where full services were provided including the interior design. Ian lectured at Tshwane University of Technology as specialist lecturer for 16 years. He represented SAIA and SACAP in various capacities and was awarded Life Membership of SAIA in 2016 for contributions to and services to the Profession. "Ian has presented Workshops and Webinars for Contracts On-Demand from 2009 through 2019 on the subject of Professional Services Agreements in overall aspect and PROCSA specifically emphasising the need to contract properly with your client".

Time & Date:

This is a training course conducted online using Zoom presented in two Sessions starting from 10h00 and ends at 12h30 (Thursdays)

Session 1: 7 October 2021

Session 2: 14 October 2021

CPD Seat Price

R 2760 (VAT Incl.)

Non-CPD Seat Price

R 2070 (VAT Incl.)

CPD Validated:

SACAP = 1 Credit / 6 Hrs

ECSA: 0.6 Credits / 6 Hrs

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PROCSA Webinars

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PROCSA Client / Consultant Professional Services Agreement - An overview, the rationale and commercial necessity

This Webinar will give an introduction to the background and formation of the PROCSA Suite of Agreements, an overview of the structure, rationale and commercial necessity. Focus on the advantages and associated risks of not using a Client / Consultant Professional Services Agreement. How to maximize productivity in the use of and access of these Agreements. The programme will include time for Questions and Answers (Q&A).

Presenter: Cliff Hayim

Clifford Hayim is a Registered Professional Quantity Surveyor, a member of the Association of South African Quantity Surveyors (ASAQS), Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Association of Arbitrators (AOA) and an active member of the PROCSA Drafting Committee. Clifford is the representative Director of Contracts On-Demand (Pty) Ltd, being the electronic service provider of the PROCSA and JBCC Contracts / Agreements. He has vast experience in practice and academia at Wits University, specialising in the field of construction and property development. Having served on the PROCSA Committee for the last 12 years, he brings a wealth of experience on the PROCSA Suite of Agreements.

Time & Date:

This is a training course conducted online using Zoom presented in one session starting from 10h30 and ends at 12h30 (Tuesday)

Webinar Session: 5 October 2021

Price for GIFA Members:

R 736.44 (VAT Incl.)

Please note: You will be required to complete a quiz after the Webinar session in order to claim your CPD points.

Price for GIFA Non-Members:

R 969.00 (VAT Incl.)

CPD Validated:

ECSA = 0.3 Credits

SACAP = 0.3 Credits

SACQSP = 0.3 Credits

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JBCC Webinars

JBCC Agreements/Contracts - 2018/2020

This Webinar covers the appropriate application of the 2018 JBCC® Edition 6.2 Principal Building and N/S Subcontract Agreements, and its supporting documentation, with reference to the 2018 JBCC® Edition 5.2 Minor Works Agreement and the requirements applicable to Organs of State contracts. In addition, the two new 2020 JBCC® contracts, the Small and Simple Works Contract and the Direct Contractor’s Contract, will be introduced.


After completion of the course you should be able to:

  • Understand the importance of construction law as the basic foundation to construction contracts;
  • Describe the development of the various types of building contracts in use in South Africa;
  • Identify the important role of the JBCC documents in the South African building industry;
  • Understand the historical background and structure of the JBCC agreements /contracts;
  • Know what the suite of JBCC documents comprise of and its application in the South African building industry and elsewhere in Africa;
  • Know what the duties are of the Principal Agent arising from the JBCC documents; and
  • Understand the mechanisms and day-to-day use of a selection of commonly encountered provisions

Time & Date:

This is a training course conducted online using Zoom presented in three sessions starting from 14h00 and ends at 16h30 (Tuesdays)

Session 1: 12 October 2021

Session 2: 19 October 2021

Session 3: 26 October 2021

Price for a single delegate:

R 3575 (VAT Incl.)

Price per delegate for multiple delegates:

R 3300 (VAT Incl.)


7 Hours/1 Credit

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ACPM Construction Industry Conversations (CIC's)

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26th Construction Industry Conversations (CIC)

Problem Statement:

Project stakeholder management (PSM) is a knowledge area that includes the processes and activities, which enable construction project managers (CPMs) to ensure the expected deliverables of projects from the perspective of all interested parties are met. A project stakeholder in this context is an individual (or organisations) or a group of persons or organisations who may affect or be affected by the decision, activity and outcome of a project. The nature of construction indicates that PSM has major influence on the success or failure of projects.


  • What are the underlying factors responsible for project derailment due to poor handling of stakeholders?
  • How does PSM change with each phase of a project lifecycle?
  • How do the needs and expectation of stakeholders change on projects?
  • How are communication modes and techniques influencing PSM?

Webinar Time & Date:

This is a training course conducted online using Zoom presented in one Session starting from 14h00 and ends at 17h00 (Thursday)

Webinar Session: 30 September 2021

Price for ACPM & AoA Members

R 575.96 (VAT Incl.)

Price for ACPM & AoA Non-Members:

R 748.00 (VAT Incl.)

Please note: You will be required to complete a quiz after the Webinar session in order to claim your CPD points.

CPD Validated:

SACPCMP = 3 CPD Hours (Category A – Core)

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Contact number:

010 015 0431