Online purchase and completion of Digital Documents using the e-DOCX Online Platform

Our e-DOCX Online Platform features a number of different Document Suites i.e. Professional Service Agreements e.g. PROCSA Client/Consultant Agreements and Building Contracts/Agreements e.g. JBCC Contracts. These are presented as separate Document Access Services (DAS); namely e-PROCSA DAS, e-JBCC DAS and CESA DAS, and feature the following two different user options:

Pro Suite

Pro Suite is the name given to the option that contain Document Suites that have productivity enhancing facilities that can be used.

The major productivity facility is that the information about a new project only needs to be set-up once. This project information is then inserted automatically into any new Document purchased and created, irrespective of which Document Suite a user is working in; saving you a considerable amount of time in the completion of your Documents.

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Basic Suite

Basic Suite is an alternative option to Pro Suite and is more suitable for those who do not wish to register for Pro Suite with its productivity enhancing facilities and only want quick and easy online shopping via debit or credit card for Documents with e-mail and printing functionality.

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Pro Suite Premium

An annual subscription service called Pro Suite Premium is now available to all users of the e-CLOUD Construction Document Access Service and enables companies to increase the productivity of their staff by being able to use additional facilities that increases the user’s Document productivity, provides access to Reference information and previous Document Editions, enables secure Online Tendering and provides monetary savings. It is paid monthly by Company Credit / Debit Card. One subscription covers an unlimited number of workstations per office location.

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PROCSA Channel


Is an online document purchase, creation, collaboration and repository system that allows access to the PROCSA Client/Consultant Suite of Agreements through the Basic Suite and Pro Suite Document Access Service.

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Access Service

JBCC Channel


Is an online document purchase, creation, collaboration and repository system that allows access to the JBCC Contracts, through the Basic Suite and Pro Suite Document Access Service.

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Access Service

CESA Channel


Is an online document purchase, creation, collaboration and repository system, that allows access to the CESA Agreements, through the Basic Suite and Pro Suite Document Access Service.

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Access Service

SWP Channel


Is an online document purchase, creation, collaboration and repository system that allows access to the Construction Health & Safety Suite of Documents through the Pro Suite Document Service.

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Sign On-Demand™ Service

This Service is available to Pro Suite Premium Subscribers that use the Pro Suite Document Access Services. e.g. PROCSA and JBCC. It enables the electronic signing and page initialing when Documents are finalized. This Service saves an enormous amount of time travelling to get each signatory to sign and initial the final Contract / Agreement. The system used is 100% secure. Users pay via the Pro Suite credits system.

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The Law on Electronic Signatures

In business, handwritten signatures are required on nearly every document. However, in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak it has become almost impossible to obtain multiple original handwritten signatures on the same document. But the need to keep the economy going means that we need to find ways to continue to do business and there is in fact law in place in South Africa to help us achieve this.
A possible solution to this obstacle and new era may be found in the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 25 2002 (ECTA). The ECTA provides for two types of signatures in electronic form: electronic signatures and advanced electronic signatures. How they may be used is unpacked below. Electronic signatures may be used for most transactions unless:
• the law specifically states that they may not be used; or
• the parties to a transaction agree that they may not be used.

Where parties to a transaction have not stipulated the type of electronic signature required, the electronic signature will be binding when:
• a method is used to identify the person and to indicate the person's approval of the information communicated; and
• having regard to all the relevant circumstances at the time the method was used, the method was reliable and appropriate for the purpose for which the information was communicated.

One can take several steps to ensure that the method of electronic signature in use is reliable and appropriate, including:
• using a dedicated organisation domain name that clearly identifies the company to which the signatory belongs;
• utilising a service provider in order to authenticate the identity of the signatory as well as the time and date of signature.

Public bodies in South Africa can also issue and file documents in electronic form.

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The e-DOCX Online Platform revolutionizes the process of acquiring and completing digital documents, offering users a seamless and efficient experience. This dynamic platform presents an array of Document Access Services (DAS), including essential Professional Service Agreements and Building Contract Templates/Agreements, each available for purchase and completion.

A standout feature of the e-DOCX platform is its user-friendly interface, which is designed to cater to diverse needs and preferences. We encourage all users to aim to master the Pro Suite at some stage in their learning journey. Users are presented with two distinct options: Pro Suite and Basic Suite.

The Pro Suite option emerges as a productivity powerhouse, boasting Document Suites equipped with cutting-edge facilities. A key advantage of Pro Suite is its ability to streamline project information setup. Users only need to input project details once, and the platform automatically inserts this information into any new Document they purchase or create, regardless of the Document Suite they are using. This seamless integration not only accelerates document completion but also significantly reduces the time and effort required by users.

On the other hand, the Basic Suite provides an efficient alternative for users who prefer not to register for Pro Suite with its productivity-enhancing features. The Basic Suite offers quick and straightforward online shopping for documents, allowing easy payment via debit or credit card. Moreover, the suite ensures ease of access through email and printing functionality, facilitating a straightforward and hassle-free experience for users.

For those seeking to elevate their staff’s productivity, e-DOCX offers an exclusive annual subscription service known as Pro Suite Premium. This premium service unlocks a host of additional facilities, designed to enhance users’ document productivity. Subscribers gain access to vital Reference information and previous Document Editions, paving the way for improved decision-making and collaboration. Furthermore, Pro Suite Premium enables secure Online Tendering, a critical aspect for businesses engaged in procurement processes. To add to its appeal, this premium service also provides substantial monetary savings, making it a cost-effective choice for organizations. Pro Suite Premium subscriptions are effortlessly managed through monthly payments via Company Credit/Debit Cards, and a single subscription covers an unlimited number of workstations per office location.

In essence, the e-DOCX Online Platform stands as an all-encompassing solution, empowering users with an efficient and convenient avenue to purchase and complete digital documents. The Pro Suite caters to professionals seeking heightened productivity and efficiency, with its time-saving features and seamless integration. On the other hand, the Basic Suite offers a straightforward and accessible option for quick document access. For organizations seeking to optimize their operations, Pro Suite Premium presents an attractive package, coupling enhanced productivity facilities with substantial cost savings.

In conclusion, e-DOCX’s Online Platform: Document Access Service redefines the document acquisition and completion process, delivering a user-centric experience that caters to diverse needs. Whether users opt for the Pro Suite, Basic Suite, or Pro Suite Premium, they can count on a range of essential services and features that elevate productivity and streamline their workflows. By combining innovation, efficiency, and user-friendliness, e-DOCX continues to be at the forefront of digital document services, providing businesses with a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced world.


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